BAC refers to Blood Alcohol Concentration. It is the measure of the concentration of alcohol in the blood. There are various methods to measure BAC levels in a person’s body. For example, if it is reported that the BAC level in a person is 0.10, it indicates that alcohol concentration in that person is 0.1% in the bloodstream. This level of intoxication leads to the results at the point that it is legal or illegal. If the BAC level in the bloodstream is 0.8%, it is legal.

If you are looking to know the facts that a person can reduce BAC level by using coffee, shower, or vomiting or not, know the accurate answer!

Misconceptions about BAC Level

There are many misconceptions about these matters. Most people said that if the BAC level of a person is high, then a person’s BAC will go down if they consume coffee, take a shower, or vomit. It is because the BAC level indicated the alcohol consumption in the intoxicated person. It claimed that the person had taken alcohol, and reports or level indicates even the quantity of alcohol in percentages.

There are various debates about reducing BAC levels in different ways, such as taking a shower, vomiting, or drinking coffee, but these are rumours. None of these things can get down the level of BAC in the intoxicated person.

The Claim of BAC Reduction is True or Not?

People claim about many things, but mostly there are rumours. People make misconceptions about many things but make the things conceptions or misconceptions after the experience. For example, people claimed that BAC levels would decrease by drinking coffee, shower, and vomiting. But it is wrong. None of these things has any effect on BAC. By drinking coffee, a person can get only energy and awake you to do work energetically.

  • If coffee is beneficial, its consumption has side effects and causes severe health issues. But there is no effect of coffee consumption on the BAC level.
  • If we talk about having a cold shower, it is not good for our health and has side effects on our daily routine.
  • Vomiting also has no impact on the alcohol concentration in the blood.

But there are no effects of these things on the blood alcohol concentration in the patient’s bloodstream, and these facts are scientifically proven.

Claims to Reduce the Blood Alcohol Concentration in an Intoxicated Person

 a person’s BAC will go down if they

The blood alcohol concentration of the person is related to his Liver. People think that the consumption of coffee affects the Liver. But it is not right here. Caffeine present in coffee affects brain cells because it gives energy to them. Then how is it possible that coffee can go down the blood alcohol concentration in a person’s bloodstream? People think that vomiting can reduce BAC level as vomiting comes from the Liver that is wrong scientifically. According to people, taking a shower can bring the BAC level down; how the water may flow outside your body can reduce the level of blood alcohol in the bloodstream inside. Don’t believe in these kinds of rumours that are wrong. Even a single statement from these is not scientifically proven.

Real Cause of BAC Reduction

Nothing can reduce the blood alcohol concentration, as things are mentioned above. BAC goes down only naturally. The process of BAC reduction can happen through the Liver by natural mechanism. Age and weight are the two factors that affect the BAC level. If the weight of a person decreases, its alcohol level will also decrease without considering the weight. Therefore, the BAC level in a person will be affected when he gets any fluctuation in the body weight.

Consider the Things While Determining the Blood Alcohol Concentration Level in a Person

Many factors are involved in determining the alcohol level in the bloodstream of a person. All these factors are enlisted below.

  • The bodyweight of a person is involved
  • Gender of the person is considered
  • Sort of medication the person is using
  • The time involved in the consumption of food
  • How many drinks the person has drunk
  • Quantity and quality of food the person is using
  • Sort of alcohol consumed by the person

The factors mentioned above are involved in determining the blood alcohol concentration level in a person’s bloodstream. Therefore, all the elements are interesting and have weightage to consider. Still, foods and drinks mentioned above are not the reason to reduce the blood alcohol concentration but are only used to determine the alcohol level in the bloodstream of the intoxicated person after alcohol consumption.

Quality of Drinks that can be Used

People use various kinds of drinks. People choose the glass instantly to consume it, but they don’t know the quality of the available beverages. Each drink has quality factors that help you determine, and the drink selection is crucial here. The percentage of alcohol varies in each drink. For example, 4.5% of alcohol is present in regular beer, 7% alcohol in malt liquor, 12% alcohol is present in one glass of wine, 40% of alcohol is present in hard liquor, and 95% of alcohol is present in the Ever clear drink.

The Liver is a True Site for Reduction of BAC level in a Person’s Bloodstream

All these are myths generated by people. Think about the solutions by considering the scientific methods and facts. According to natural facts, the only Liver is the site that reduces the BAC level in the bloodstream of the intoxicated person. Scientifically the purpose of the Liver is the detoxification of harmful substances. When a person drinks, he consumes the toxicity that is harmful to the body. The Liver consumes the alcohol and detoxifies it. That’s why only the Liver can bring to go down the level of alcohol concentration in blood.


Consider the scientifically proved facts about anything before making any conception about it as there are many rumours about the reduction of BAC level. Don’t believe in all these rumours spread by people that a person’s BAC will go down if they consume coffee, do vomiting, and taking a cold shower. The only Liver can reduce the BAC level in the blood of the intoxicated person. 

Hopefully, all the rumours and misconceptions have been cleared after having a glance at it. Share these beneficial facts with others also!


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