Here is All You Need to Know about Sitcom Star Tim Allen and Hex Wrenches – A Company Named after Him!

One of the frequent questions people pose is a star of which sitcom shares his last name with a common type of wrenches? The answer is not that difficult. Read the article to the end to know more about the star who shares his surname with a type of hexagonal wrench used by the masses to move around screws or nuts!

Tim Allen and Hex Wrenches

Tim Allen is a star who shares his surname with a hex wrench manufacturing company called Allen. Allen is known by another name, Hex Wrenches, due to the hexagonal shape of its tools and items. Tim Allen came into the limelight with his blockbuster show Home Improvement. The owner and CEO of Allen got fascinated by his acting skills, his speech delivery and decided that he would name his company after his name to show him compassion, support, and love. 

Why Hex Wrenches are Highly Recommended?

Hexagonal wrenches have several vantages over other wrenches.

Some are listed below;

  1. Hexagonal wrenches are available at a low price compared to their counterparts. 
  2. Hexagonal configuration and minute size assess their delivery from one place to another. They need less space to fit in within a toolbox. 
  3. Hex wrenches are easy to handle, and one can twist the nuts and screws smoothly using them. 

Insight into Life of Tim Allen!

Tim Allen comes from Denver, Colorado. His father- Gerald Dick- earned a living by working as a sales representative. Dick married Tim’s mother – Katherine Fox- in a private ceremony. After getting married, Katherine worked as a government employee to assist her spouse financially. His father lost his life in a road accident.

Tim was eleven when he became an orphan. Tim’s mother went on to make a romantic relationship with the clergyman. The couple tied a knot, and Tim had to spend his life with step-cousins. He made his debut in a comic world with Comedy Castle in 1975.

He was sentenced to two years in prison on narcotics charges in 1978. After coming out of jail, Tim married his high school girlfriend and companion Laura Deibel. Close family members and best friends attended the marriage. All the members present in a wedding hall blessed them with prayers and best wishes. However, their love relationship could not stand the test of time, and eventually, things did not work in their favor.

In 1999, their official divorce was announced. However, the couple spends two years sorting out things and parting their ways forever.

Final Statement

A star of which sitcom shares his last name with a common type of wrenches? It is a frequently inquired question. The answer is not that difficult as it seems to be. Tim Allen is the star who inspired the CEO of Hex wrenches. As a token of love, the owner of hex wrenches used his surname as the name of his newly founded company. Tim Allen rose to prominence with his long-running show called Home Improvement. Next time someone poses a question, a star of which sitcom shares his last name with a common type of wrenches? Tell him instantly it’s Tim Allen!


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