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How to set up the perfect gaming table?

With the rise of online gaming and esports finally being recognized as a legitimate sport, it’s vital for gamers to ensure that their gaming environments allow them to reach their potential and achieve peak performance. There are a number of factors that affect gaming experience, and proper gaming setup is one of those factors.

 The game systems are quite complex, it’s important to make sure you learn everything about them. The potential of the best gaming table, best gaming chair and powerful gaming PC to enhance your gaming performance cannot be underestimated .

Performance is not the only thing that allows you to pull up a quality setting. Attention to detail will help shape the aesthetics of the gaming space, reduce minor cable problems, and get rid of chronic back and neck problems. Keep reading for some tips on how to put together the perfect play space.

1. Choose your equipment wisely

Play equipment

In most cases, gaming tables are focused on the ability to withstand a lot of weight for a long time. If you’re not a laptop gamer, you want a table that boasts cargo capacity, durability, and room for two or more monitors , as well as all your gaming peripherals. Therefore, you should pay attention to tables with a load capacity of at least 130 kilograms made of durable material, that is, you need MDF or natural bamboo, for example.

Gaming keyboards are mainly divided into three types: mechanical, optical and membrane. Mechanical keyboards like the Razer Huntsman v2 Analog will give you an edge in gaming as they are more tactile, durable and faster than membrane keyboards. They also support multi-key presses, which allows them to easily account for multiple key presses at the same time.

Gaming headsets , including the fully featured SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless, have huge potential to enhance your gaming experience. The goal should be to choose a headset with spatial audio so that you’re perfectly aware of what’s going on where during intense shooters. Passive noise isolation is another feature to look out for so that you can fully immerse yourself in the game and not be distracted by ambient noise.

For computer speakers, look for surround sound, which is exactly what you should look for if you want to take your gaming experience up a notch. The potential lies in the special sound of explosions and footsteps, very realistic.

Gaming monitor on the table

When choosing a game controller, make sure it supports both wired. And USB dongle-based wireless connections, so you can de-wire and continue playing when the controller runs out of power. A solid case and compatibility with the devices. You intend to use it with are other important things to keep in mind.


Pixels per inch (PPI) is an important spec to consider when choosing a gaming monitor . Ideally, you should be looking for a proposal of 100 ppi and above. High refresh rates and response times are also important features to double-check.

For gaming chairs, ergonomics and build quality are much more important. You are going to use this chair for hours; better make sure it supports your spine well. Something like the Mavix M9 could be a game changer.

2. Pay attention to ergonomics

As mentioned earlier, a properly set up gaming table will help to avoid a lot of problems,. Including those associated with the spine. Maintaining good posture is extremely important during extended gaming sessions. And a well thought out and carefully configured gaming space can help alleviate this problem. There are various aspects of healthy posture: appropriate eye distance from the monitor. Gaming chair height, and desk chair height, among others.

It is very important to remember the correct distance between the monitor and the player. If you are too far away, it will be difficult to make out the fine details of the image, sit too close and you will overload your eyes very quickly. A safe distance of 50 to 100 cm is generally considered safe. The exact distance you should keep depends on the size of your monitor. There are online calculators and charts that you can use to calculate the optimal viewing distance depending on the diagonal.

The ideal height of the gaming table should form a viewing angle of 20 to 50 degrees. The standard gaming table height floats from 70cm to 76cm, which is suitable for people 172cm to 178cm tall. So again, the optimal table height depends on the height of the player and there are online charts that you can use to apply your height and get the height of the table. But the general rule is that you should not look at the screen from above or below.

The optimal gaming chair height is one where your feet lightly touch the floor and your ankles are at a 90-degree angle. You should avoid loose ankles (legs dangling) as this interferes with proper weight distribution in the chair, which cuts off blood circulation. As a result, you may notice numbness in the limbs.

3. Cable management is the key to success

Cable management becomes an important part of setting up a gaming table. This not only ensures that the space around you looks tidy, but also extends the life of your cables by preventing them from twisting, a major cause of wear and tear. Game tables are often equipped with channels and other cable management solutions. Some have holes for wires to pass through, while others have pre-installed clamps and cover kits.

Secretlab, known for making gaming chairs, recently released Magnus Pro, a gaming desk that uses magnets to route cables. Accessories include cable holders, cable sheaths that attach to table legs, and even a cable tray.

Other solutions that are sold separately include cable ties that can be used to store cables in one place. Cable clips are also sold as separate accessories if your desk doesn’t have one pre-installed. Cable trays under the table and drawers for cable holders, and many other ways to manage clutter.

4. Backlighting is critical to immersion

Game table configuration

And while ergonomics and cable routing are responsible for your comfort and convenience, there are elements you’ll want to consider purely for aesthetic reasons. Highlighting becomes one of the first objects to be considered. Gaming tables with RGB lighting have been gaining popularity lately. They not only shape the mood, but also increase the level of immersion.

Nanoleaf is one of the manufacturers that is currently actively playing with smart lighting, offering a variety of highlights such as Nanoleaf Shapes. The manufacturer’s LED strip contains 123 LEDs, which can be mounted on the gaming table as a great addition. What’s even better is that the tape has a magnetic base that can be snapped onto Secretlab’s magnetic table in seconds.

Govee is another option that offers a fairly economical solution, Govee Smart WiFi LED Strips for gamers who don’t have deep pockets. Corsair is a bit more expensive, but their Smart Lighting Towers will definitely make your table look stylish.

5. Organize your peripherals

A tidy desk can do wonders for your gaming performance and overall mood. Therefore, it is very important to organize the multiple peripherals placed on the gaming table so that they do not interfere with your productivity. A variety of solutions are available on the market for this.

The headset stand will help you comfortably store your headphones. Corsair offers an excellent premium option, while Link Dream is a cheaper alternative. Monitor arms and keyboard stands are typically used to increase the usable area of ​​a gaming table. They also help improve posture by preventing slouching.

Drop and Keebmonkey are fairly well-known keyboard stand manufacturers. You can install a game controller wall mount to free up space on your gaming desk that was previously taken up by gamepads. Also, speaker stands are a great investment, so your fairly large computer speakers won’t clutter up your desk. Other add-ons, including a cup holder, are always a great idea to protect your peripherals from spilled drink.

Final word

Setting up a gaming table requires some research, effort, time and money. However, it is nothing more than an investment.

An organized gaming desk has great potential to increase the lifespan of all your gaming peripherals. The correct configuration will also ensure your physical health, take care of your posture and spine. In terms of aesthetics, you can transform your space and set the right mood. Sounds cool, right?

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